What is a Switch?

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For the typical home end-user, “router” and “modem” are practically household names, like Brad Pitt (and his flowing locks) or Kim Kardashian (and her…errrmm…fashion sense…). With the advent of the wireless home network, these pieces of hardware have become a commonplace part of every day life. But for the individual who makes the leap from home-office hero to startup superstar, a switch becomes as integral a part of the business machinery as a basic router would be to the home network.

So, for the uninitiated, I will answer the question: What is a switch?

A network switch is similar to a router in that it is a connector of several electronic devices, forging and facilitating a “network.” This device is crucial to most offices and businesses in that it allows for printers, servers and computers to be tethered together on a single network in which they can communicate with one another, effectively “talking.”

A few great things about switches is that they will last you about seven years and no configuration is required out-of-box–in other words: if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

The kind of inter-connectivity that a switch provides helps businesses of most sizes, from startup to mega-Goliath corporation, function more productively and efficiently. planIT HARDWARE has plenty of refurbished, tested and used network hardware, including switches (at 60-90% off list price) that will last you years to come. Get connected!

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