Upgrade U: Cisco Modules

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Cisco 7200

As the now-power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, once said: “Let me upgrade u.”

Some years ago, Cisco introduced the 7200 Series router. The Cisco 7200 was a particular model that was a staple part of many business’ IT infrastructures, especially most ISPs (internet service providers) at the time. In the late ’90s and early naughts, T1/T3 connection speeds were boast-worthy: Bro, come over and download the new blink182 album at my house on Kazaa. I’ve got T1 speeds–it’ll be done in like, half an hour, easy.

The Cisco 7200 was compact, and even after new models were introduced, it eventually arose out of obscurity once again. The resurgence of the 7200 router can be attributed to the ability of technology over time to become both faster and smaller. Specifically, more high-speed modules were able to fit into the economic and efficient Cisco 7200, thus rejuvenating its power and purpose and placing it back on top as the king of enterprise routers.

The 7200 is still relevant, still powerful, and, while it may be an EOL (end of life) item that is no longer produced by Cisco, it can be utilized and upgraded for years to come. planIT HARDWARE has both the router itself and its respective high-speed modules at insanely affordable prices.

Let us upgrade u.

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