Careful…Cyber-Attacks Are Serious! Firewalls Are Important!

asa, cisco asa, cisco systems, firewall, it hardware, man of steel, open source, supermanThe Internet really is a dangerous place.

I think we like to imagine the Internet as this Man of Steel, an impenetrable powerhouse…

Yesterday, I was in a used record/book/movie store by my house. I had never been but had always been interested in checking it out. When I found my way to the back of the store, I was lost in a whole world of comic books, superhero anthologies and novelizations and origin stories. I turned to my friend and said, “You know, there’re so many issues and subplots and alternate universes and origin stories….it’s almost too late to keep up with any of this.” We headed for the anthologies and I immediately sought out Superman, my favorite of the classic superheroes. I grew frustrated as I scanned pages and covers because The Man of Steel, perhaps moreso than his peers, has been made to be this open source of sorts: his origins, his powers (ice breath, fire-blasting eyes, super-speed, super…anything anyone felt like tacking on)–even his hairhave been altered and added to over the years. But for all his strength and increasing multitude of abilities, his weakness has always been the substance, Kryptonite. The same goes for the powers of the (once-called) World Wide Web.

As the Internet has grown to be an open-source free market, its uses and functions have evolved and progressed at a rapid rate. Generations are being brought up in a world where there is no “pre-web.” It’s like having a gargantuan city bank, laboratory, record store–you name it–that everyone can fit in to and interact within. But as with all freedoms, some security is necessary to ensure those liberties are not abused. Firewall security was invented to accept or block incoming signals on a system’s network, based on what that particular network’s security policy defines as acceptable or blockable.

planIT HARDWARE has a whole range of Adaptive Security Appliances from Cisco along with other IT hardware that will ensure that your business’ network is secure from cyber-thieves.

No matter how strong “the Interwebs” is, no matter how many functions it may serve, it will always be vulnerable. There will always be that Kryptonite to penetrate its forces. Just take a look in the news at the cyber battle between South and North Korea and you’ll see what I mean. There have been many efforts to strengthen the durability of the Internet, but there are clearly a few weak spots. If you own a business, get your network on-point and secure!


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