Your Network Hardware Draft: Let Us Pick Your Top Players


With the NFL Draft set to begin this Thursday, there is a lot of buzz around which player will be drafted in the glamorous # 1 pick. Many experts are going with Texas A&M’s offensive tackle, Luke Joeckel. He sure does fit the mold in many categories: a 6’6” 310 lb 21 year old who was a unanimous All-American selection. As of today, many scouts have him as the #1 overall pick, which no offensive tackle has done since Jake Long back in 2008. According to many online sport sites, he is considered to be the most polished lineman out of the college ranks—but who will be the big surprise? Every year, there are players that go under the radar and end up being some of the biggest names in the NFL. Back in 2000, a fellah by the name of Tom Brady was drafted as the 199th overall pick. Moving forward a few years, Tom has won 3 Super Bowl rings, was twice named the Super Bowl MVP and won 3 Offensive Player of the Year titles. Needless to say, for a guy picked with 198 people in front of him he has definitely “out-punted his coverage” and moved on to become a football legend. Many analysts consider him the best pick of all time!

Just like the NFL does by selecting the best of the best year in and year out, consumers looking for the best network hardware equipment have an extensive list to look over. There are products that are brand new—costing a small fortune—and will live up to all the excitement surrounding them. There are also the Tom Brady’s of the group: maybe a little dated, maybe not in the headlines of every blog or network hardware article, but “out-punting their coverage.” When we got down to thinking about this question—which products get the customer the most bang for their buck?—we thought about the DELL PowerConnect series. The PowerConnect series offers a set of flexible, manageable and comprehensive switch solutions supporting up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and optimized iSCSI performance with DELL storage solutions. The PowerConnect series is significantly less expensive than its competition and does a great job for the price. These switches are very capable, smart switches at very competitive prices. In most cases you will be getting quite the bang for your buck.

Nevertheless, we strive to have an extensive inventory here at planIT Hardware: we offer everything from the Cisco 3750X right down to the Dell PowerConnect series. Visit to see our entire inventory.

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