Technology Through The Gates

horsemindRobert Miller, DVM,  said horses might have the fastest reaction time of any domesticated animal, which likely results from evolving with flight (an innate instinct to run from things) as their main defense mechanism. It only makes sense then that horses are the ultimate racing beast upon which we ride.

With Derby season descending upon us, the world is all abuzz about horses right now; someone here in our office even named their hypothetical dream racehorse “Hoof-Hearted”–I know, totally immature…

But with all this horse talk and equine matters on the mind, we found ourselves chomping at the bit to discuss the merits of the Cisco NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine and its processing speed that rivals even the maned competitors.

The NPE-G2:

–Performs twice as well as the prior model, the G1

–Has a processing speed that reaches 2 million pps (packets per second)

–Provides three fixed Gigabit Ethernet ports and optical ports that maximize LAN connectivity without consuming any     bandwidth points

As you can see, this thing is a horse. No, really, it’s a horse.

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