Purchase from planIT HARDWARE and Donate to OK Tornado Relief

planit hardware oklahoma tornado reliefAs most of you have heard, and in case you hadn’t  the greater Oklahoma City area was met with fierce destruction Monday afternoon when a massive tornado tore through the area. More than a mile wide, covering 17 miles in under an hour and with wind speeds of up to 210 miles per hour, this Category 5 twister decimated and destroyed as many 13000 homes. But the greatest inanimate casualty has to be Plaza Towers Elementary, a school for grades K-6 that was reduced to rubble.

The mounds and heaps of wreckage that desolate this area are a constant reminder of what was lost, and how fragile it all was. It’s also a reminder of how resilient love and courage are. Thankfully, many are jumping in to lend a hand, from the president on down, and funds are pouring in every which way. One striking example is the NBA’s Kevin Durant, of the OK City Thunder, donating $1 million to the Red Cross…without even tweeting about it. planIT HARDWARE would like to do its part as well.

We’ll donate 10% of the cost of your order to the United Way of Central Oklahoma Disaster Relief Fund, just call the following number and speak with Brian for a quote on the IT hardware you’d like to purchase. The United Way of OK and every United Way “is based on the concept of community and its residents having a responsibility and a desire to care for their own.”

Here’s Brian’s planIT number: 404-961-1159

And if you read this post and know someone who works in IT a datacenter or who may just be generally interested, pass the word along.

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