Begin a Beautiful Friendship with Us – IT Hardware Vendors and End-Users

planIT, planIT HARDWARE, Cisco, casablanca, vendor, end-user, IT hardware, used IT hardware, IT network, home network, my wifi network, your wireless network, wifi network connection, network hardware, cisco systemsIt’s sort of funny. I’m a huge film fan. As a young teen, I used to favor weekend nights alone with a few rentals in lieu of going out with friends. When I did go out with friends, I was often planning the next movie I was going to watch. I cataloged all of the movies I’d seen and wanted to see in an Excel spreadsheet that has since gone missing. At one point, at the peak of my fanaticism, I had watched some 80 movies or so in a single high school summer. And even for all of that, I still had not seen the classic, Casablanca. I watched it one time toward the end of college, but was with a group of people and not paying attention. Even still, the famous final line of the movie is so ubiquitous that I can call it to memory at the drop of a hat: “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

If you think you’d like to start a beautiful friendship with us, read on.

planIT HARDWARE, a 2013 Pacesetter Award nominee and one of the fastest-growing companies in Atlanta, is your source for deep-discounted IT hardware. Whether it’s used, refurbished, new in box or new out of box, we can provide you with quality equipment for your data center, IT vendor service or small business. We cater to several different types of consumers:

1.) Other vendors looking to add to their available inventory of IT hardware

2.) The end-user (individual buying the product to use it) who runs a data center or owns a small business.

3.) The end-user (individual buying the product to use it–that’s you!) who wants to beef up their wireless network at home

All of our products are tested by experienced IT technicians and shipped out by a diligent and faithful team. We even offer same-day shipping, to get you the hardware you need, when you need it.  And if we aren’t carrying what you need? No worries, we can order it from our wide network of vendors and IT brokers. Now that’s a good friend.

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How Can 3750X Switches Support Demanding Applications?

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X marks the spot in terms of industry-leading security when it comes to Cisco Catalyst 3750X Series switches.These stackable enterprise-class switches have proven to be tougher to break through than King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Everyone remembers the left and right jabs King Hippo would throw before he opened his massive mouth.  His hand would raise and Little Mac would defeat the King with a malicious assault to the head.

With Flexible NetFlow to protect against malicious behavior, the 3750X also uses MACsec layer-2 encryption to protect confidentiality and TrustSec to provide identity-based access control.

Little Mac had the support of Doc Louis, the “heavy-puncher.”  With a 3750X, you will have the support of non-stop communications with redundant hot swappable power supplies, cooling fans, and network modules.

So, let’s take a look at the stats:

Name Age Rank
3750x New or Refurbished #1 in (QoS)

  •   Prioritizes business-critical traffic, such as   video, with Strict Priority Queuing
  •   Validates network readiness and simplifies   troubleshooting with Mediatrace and Traffic Simulator
From Weight Record
Cisco 18 lbs Lower Cost of Operation

  •   Reduces operating expense and increases   corporate sustainability with Cisco EnergyWise power management
  •   Simplifies deployment, configuration and control   with Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Leadership

  •   Supports up to 48 PoE+ ports, each delivering   up to 30 Watts

Visit planIT Hardware for more information on the 3750X, or visit the links above.

End-Of-Life, or New Beginnings?

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Out with the old, in with the…less old

Any frugal businessman with a commanding twirly mustache or businesswoman with powerfully sharp but elegant eyebrows knows that buying refurbished is the way to go (as we saw in our previous post). One of the many benefits outlined therein was that of purchasing an item that technically has yet to be used. Yes, that’s right: you can buy “new” items at “used” prices.

Today we’re going to talk about the term “end-of-life” and what it means for the IT hardware industry and its consumers. Firstly, what is an end-of-life product? Sounds bad…

Think again!

“End-of-life” (EOL) denotes that an item will cease to be marketed, produced or sold by a vendor. There are many reasons why an item may be handed an EOL announcement; marketing demands may change, and there are constant innovations and advancements in the technological realm. When an item is given an EOL date, consumers can expect support and spare parts to be limited for that particular product, before it is eventually phased out altogether by the manufacturer. That sounds terrible, you may say–au contraire, mon frère, this is rather glorious news.

When an item is given an EOL date, prices for that unit plummet in the best way possible. And by choosing planIT Hardware as your network hardware reseller, you’re already getting your equipment at 60-90% of what the list price is. The downside of all this is that while unit prices decrease dramatically, the cost of manufacturing spare parts for said unit increases–so a power supply for an EOL Cisco Nexus switch could be more expensive than it once was. Now, for the good news (isn’t it always better to get the bad first?): if you find a spare part on planIT Hardware, it’s going to cost far less, and that price increase from the manufacturer is going to feel inconsequential at best.

The smartest thing about getting an EOL product from a reseller like planIT Hardware is that we will offer you a warranty and support. Even in the unfortunate event that your hardware is not performing optimally a few years from now, and it’s past your 1-year warranty (for end users) or 90-day warranty (for resellers) with planIT Hardware, there’s no need to kick yourself over not buying a new product! You could still buy another end of life item from us and still not have paid the price you would have for one unit at list price.

So it may be the end of the line for that Cisco 2950 as far as the manufacturer is concerned, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s a whole new, affordable beginning for your home or business network.

The Myth of Brand New: Why Used and End of Life IT Hardware is the Way to Go

Everyone wants that shiny new toy. When we’re kids, it’s the latest action figure or doll. When we grow up, not much changes; we want the latest offering from Apple or the flashiest Jeep on the lot. There is a prevailing myth that when we buy something brand-new, we are making the best bet and casting our lot with the soundest investment. And when it comes to IT hardware, this myth still clouds the judgement of even the savviest of businesswomen and men. Why should I settle for a toy another kid has played with? Why wouldn’t I want a car with no miles on it? These are the first thoughts that get in the way of a consumer making the wisest purchase.

We live in an interwebs-dominated culture. Whether we’re sharing the best cat memes (but seriously, have you seen the one where two of them play patty-cake??) or placing an order from the comfort of our desk, it’s important to have reliable network hardware that will fuel the very IT network our hobbies and livelihoods course through.The copious benefits of buying refurbished vs. new should become abundantly clear after reading this ever-so-handy highlight that, like a white knight, will vanquish the horrendous dragon that is The Myth of Brand-New from the kingdom of your mind (see what I did there?).

 Purchasing used network equipment will save your wallet from undue distress.

Who doesn’t like to save money? It’s like getting free money just for being super clever about how you purchase (aka frugality). Refurbished & used IT hardware resellers, planIT Hardware in particular, will offer you the same powerful equipment at 60-90% the cost of buying at list value, so you can beef up that IT network of yours.

 You don’t have to compromise on warranties and protection

This isn’t the back alley. Any reputable Cisco reseller, for example, will provide some sort of warranty with purchase. planIT Hardware offers a 90-day warranty to retailers and a 1-year warranty to end users (rest easy, friend).

 Experience appreciation instead of depreciation!

You know that guy that’s always selling last year’s iPhone to help pay for this year’s? Don’t be that guy! The majority of new technology depreciates in value (by 50%!) in about 18-24 months, just like a new car would. And then there’s you, sitting pretty with your used Cisco router. A wise investment, indeed.

 Who said anything about “used”?

Sure, some refurbished items may be lightly used, but most these items are restored to like-new condition by professionals–and then there’s the fact that some items were never even used, but simply returned. The only difference? The price tag.

“Says who?”

IT hardware items are tested for integrity by folks who know, so you can have confidence in the quality of what you’re purchasing.

These are just a few of the many reasons to buy refurbished. Older IT hardware will often use up less electricity than the newest models, helping you save on energy costs. It’s the “green” thing to do, if you’re eco-trendy. The list goes on…

Bottom line: buying used is just plain smart and buying from PlanIT is just plain…smarter.