We Want to Thank You…

planit hardware warehouse banner, planit hardware, planithw, used it hardware, used network hardware, used cisco reseller, used cisco, computer networking hardware, network hardware, it hardware, nib, nob, eol Hey folks! Like a young infant, progressing from having the limited mobility of a capsized turtle to stumbling about like a club-footed drunken sailor, 2014 is just getting its footing (*insert ‘they grow up so fast’ sentiment here*) and we’re happy to say that with this new year comes a new planIT HARDWARE.

Did you hear that we’ve moved into a new location? We wrote about it here.

Yep, we’ve settled in to our official new location in Smyrna, just outside of Atlanta. The warehouse is bigger and comfortably houses all of our inventory (with enough room for a new, half-court basketball setup). There’s a workout room with mirrored walls and a mounted flatscreen TV, a full kitchen with dishwasher (no more pruney fingers for this keyboard) and industrial Keurig machine (“Coffee? Sure, give me 45 seconds.”), and a large open-floor cube farm (hi guys!). On top of this, we’ve got a new, dedicated testing lab that our head technician, Paul Saunders, is quite pleased with. All of these factors add up to one thing: our company is growing.

For those of you who have been following our journey in one way or another, 2014 was a big year, and after two award wins and 2 new hires in 2013 (not to mention our fourth consecutive year of revenue growth), we’re ready to keep growing. Now we have a place to grow into.

Thanks to all of our clients, vendors, end-users, and readers of the blog. It’s one big family at planIT HARDWARE, and we like to think of you all as part of that.

planIT Powerhouse: Our Warehouse Has It All

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Intense, right?

The cheetah: he wears sunglasses and sells us cheesy corn puffs, he gets confused for the leopard (and vice versa) on regular basis (I had to Google the difference myself, just to make sure), and he’s wicked fast–the fastest animal on land, in fact. Wednesday, the New York Times reported that a new study has found the cheetah’s greatest advantage to be not so much in its speed alone, but in the versatility of its movements: its agility, its ability to pivot and leap sideways, change directions abruptly and slow down at a rate of as much as 9 m.p.h. in each stride.

What’s any of this have to do with planIT HARDWARE, you ask? Everything—as you’ll see.

Our warehouse is one giant, furry cat with cool spots. Not only do we carry used IT hardware that will produce high speeds for any network, but we’ve got the strength of firewall security devices, the versatility of any number of Cisco chassis, and the craftiness of hundreds of modules that will upgrade your network system into a force to be reckoned with. Let us know what you need and what we can do for you.

Don’t Get Fooled by Tele-phonies: Reliable Telecommunications with planIT

telephony, telecommunications, telecommunication systems, telekom, teco, ip, voipcheap, it hardware, used network hardware, used it hardware, eol, cisco end of life, it networkIt’s been a hot minute since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Since then, telecommunications in our modern culture have evolved to the point where many households don’t even own a landline. The advent of the cell phone has allowed for cheaper services, such as long-distance calling, and the audio quality of calls has improved vastly.

So, why would a business ever utilize the old public switched telephone network (PSTN) when VoIP technology exists? VoIP (voice over IP security) is an example of our modern telecommunication systems and how they’ve progressed beyond the original PSTN.

There are many benefits for a business to use a VoIP network, where traffic moves over a private data network or the internet. Private branch exchanges (PBX) were once needed for a business to self-operate several lines (as opposed to paying a local carrier/telephone company to do so) that were all connected to the PSTN. Now, with IP phones, a corporation’s voice traffic is streamlined into one network. This cuts costs for international and long-distance calls, services that are now obsolete, equipment and line maintenance, etc. Video calls and conferencing are becoming more commonplace as well, and this kind of rich media service is available via the Internet that powers VoIP telephony and devices. Another great feature of IP phones is that you can take them with you, set them up in a different location that has IP connectivity, and keep the same number so that you can be reached wherever your phone is.

planIT HARDWARE has plenty of used, refurbished and EOL (end of life) telephony available at extremely low costs. We’ve got reliable telecommunication systems at 60-90% off list prices, so don’t let yourself be fooled by tele-phonies (see what I did there?).